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Firm Support in My-Form HD
To ensure a deep,
truly relaxing sleep, the Origin mattress contains 5 layers of Myform on the interior; they work together to provide a proper and precise support in guarantee of excellent ergonomics. The upper layers in super high density Myform Memory amplify the marvellous sensation of comfort and wellness this mattress delivers. A refined Capitonné embellishes the cover, while the exclusive combination of Silk, Organic Cotton and Ingeo Fibre inside the padding offers a pleasant sense of comfort.

7 targeted zones

This mattress with 7 targeted zones contains Myform Memory Clima on the surface layer for a correct sleeping micro-climate,
two layers in high density Memory for ergonomics and comfort, one layer in elastic Myform Extension and one in breathable
Myform Air that can be slept on during summer months.

Stretching out on this mattress there is the initial perception of the cushioning and comfort of the cover's plush padding,
whereas the materials used for the core are studied to produce a firm support.

Thanks to the mattresses of the Myform HD line, every night becomes an experience of unique and unparalleled sleep.
The incredible softness of the cover and the precious Capitonné finishing will capture the attention at first sight. The finely crafted cover fabric is made of Viscose and Polyester. Viscose is a natural, lightweight fibre with a luminous and brilliant appearance that is extremely soft and velvety to the touch. The Polyester used is of premium quality and guarantees exceptional elasticity and durability to preserve the special characteristics of the cover night after night. Inside the plush padding are premium quality materials that provide exquisite comfort during sleep. Silk is one of the noblest and most precious fibres existing in nature. It offers a feeling of pleasurable softness while maintaining coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. The Cotton used is an organic type that favours the constant passage of air while dispersing body heat. Ingeo fibre, derived from Maize and other vegetable starches, is very elastic and quickly absorbs excess moisture. The combination of Silk, Organic Cotton and Ingeo Fibre makes for comfort and cushioning while ensuring a pleasant sensation of freshness. For the perfect hygiene of the mattress the Capitonné cover is removable and washable at 30°C.
Due to their internal composition, the mattresses from the Myform HD line provide exceptional comfort. The weight of the body is properly supported thanks to exclusive materials that guarantee unequalled performance and a high-level sleep experience. The combination of 5 Myform layers: Myform Memory Clima, Myform Memory Air HD, Myform Memory HD, Myform Extension and Myform Air offer a level of comfort and superlative cushioning.
Dedicate this innovative line of mattresses to your customers who are constantly seeking excellence and the maximum expression of comfort, ergonomics and elegance.

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